'Kapingamarangi' is a blog written by me, Bram Souffreau. I work for the Belgian investigative news site 'Apache'. I'm doing the administration for them. I used to work as a journalist, and I miss it a lot. I hope one day I'll be able to practice journalism again.

You can explore my career on LinkedIn.

Kapingamarangi is my playground. I started blogging in 2001, but I took some (long) breaks of blogging to realize other projects. Apache, for instance. And the old posts unfortunately disappeared from the web. I think some are still stored on a hard drive somewhere...

Kapingamarangi is a blog with stories and murmurs on topics I have an interest in. There's no pressure. Posts are published when they seem ready for the world.

There is no professional team in the back.

The blog is written in English – but sometimes a post in Dutch pops up. English, though, is is not my mother tongue. I was born in Aalst, Belgium. Dutch is my mother tongue, although my mum speaks French ;–) Since 2019, I live in Manila, the Philippines, a city I started to love.

The url of this blog is kapingamarangi.xyz.

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