While China is taking a tougher stance on all reprimands on the situation in the Xinjiang province, The New Yorker publishes an immersive virtual reality documentary. In 'Reeducated' the stories are told of three former prisoners who were detained in the so called reeducation camps of Xinjiang, secret detention camps.

In addition to the documentary, there is also an article filled with details and beautiful drawings.

Different countries described the situation in Xinjiang as an abuse of human rights. The United States drafted the crackdown as a 'genocide'. More than one million Uyghurs and other minorities have been detained by the Chinese government. Because they are ethnic and religious minorities...

With the documentary reporter Ben Mauk and artist Matt Huynh bring the experiences of the three prisoners to life. Amanzhan Seituly, Orynbek Koksebek and Erbaqyt Otarbai were detained in a camp in Tacheng, Xinjiang. They testify about the atrocities in the camp. It's vivid and stark.

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